S o u t h e r n  R i m

Realms of water and sky...


Your guide floats into view..."Welcome travellers, to the serene beauty of the vast shores and beautiful islands. I am Eliseu, your guide. Our Captain is Timonas, a Parthenian Salvager. I ask only that you do not approach anything which you do not recognize as safe, like large Sea Demons...

-Of course even more common are pirates prowling in these waters, none of which you should trust to be lawful..!

There is plenty to see in this realm, just be sure to keep watch for Sea Dragons. Now, where would you like to go..?"

An awesome Sea Dragon...

    "Take me to the island of Batre..."

    "I seek the Dark Coast..."

    "The island of Fahn for me..."

    "To Gao-Din..!"

    "Guide me to the island of Garganta..."

    "I am going to Imria..."

    "!Jhangara! - !NOW!"

    "The Mangar islands..."

    "Nefaratus, please..."

    "I seek Oceanus."

    "Lead me to Pana-Ku."

"To the wonderous Phantas...!"

"Show me the Scimitar Islands..."

"Please, I wish to see Thaecia..."

"Look OUT!"

"She is gone. I will take you back to the land."

A Parthenian..!