Northern Lands...

"Harsh cold and windy conditions make life in these climes difficult..."

Terrible beasts roam about...

The lonely call of the Tundra Beast echoes across the bleak landscape, will it drive you away or embolden you? Here you will find all manner of creatures & beasts who do not fear the cold or much else. An extensive guide has been prepared for those unfamiliar with these lands.

Name your destination:

"I wish to see the Mirin, in their icy home of L'Haan..."

"The deadly wastes of Narandu, if you please."

"I seek the Shadow Realm..."

"Take me to the Sinking Land..!"

"I am bound for the Tamaranth."

"The ruined land of Urag..."

"The fabled land of Xanadas..."

"Had enough? Good, now go home..!"

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