T h e  E a s t e r n  L a n d s

An unlikely guide..."Aahhh, I see you made the long journey to see the wonders of the East. Forgive my bad Talislan, it's not my native tongue. We are used to unusual strangers in our lands, but do not think that all of the populance will welcome you. I have a Bodorian music charm of exceptional quality, would you like to hear it?"

    "Very well then, let us choose which of the lands you wish to travel, and we shall see them together..."

    "The southern jungles of Chana..."

    "To the northern peaks of Harak..!"

    "Let us see the mighty eastern Kang Empire..."

    "I dare brave the western Volcanic Hills..!"

    "Well chosen, now my good friend will guide you home..."