The Desert Kingdoms

"Welcome my friends, to the wonders of the desert lands..."

Beware your guides..."So you wish to see the bright lands. There are many wonderous natural features here, and many lost ruins in the endless sands..."


    "Yes, the sounds of our Yitek brothers tell their own tales, of the foul magic used by the Rajans, and the treachery of the many whom you might think to be friends. There are Duneships to ride here, because of the dangers of the desert are many..."

A happy scene...

Do not listen to wild tales of Lost Cities, as the lands themselves are dangerous enough to outsiders. Now, choose your path...

    "Please take me to the red deserts of Carantheum..."

    "Lead the way to my good Djaffir brothers..!"

    "My business is in Faradun..."

    "I seek the splenderous wonders of Hadj..."

    "Dare you show me the way to Rajanistan..?

"Now you have some idea what the harsh south central lands of this continent are like. Take your newfound knowledge to heart, and may the Suns be at your back, and your Aht-Ra well watered..."

A happy scene...

"Ahh, now we must return to the main tour..."