The Seven Kingdoms

"Welcome traveler, to the splendor of our nations!"

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"Your young guide, Denimous here,

Not actually a Cymrilian...

will show you around our lands..."

"I see you are all experienced adventurers, though I'd say to you, beware anyone wielding a 'mere' staff in these lands. They might just steal your hearts, or bewitch your soul to a particular moon, or even promise you ...  Truly though, we don't dabble in a lot of  here, so any wielders of arcane power you will probably meet are more often busy with other matters, and not likely to bother with you. Keep a wary  eye out for any the street urchins though..! The way east is mostly blocked by a great chasm, just so you know."

"The Seven Kindoms road lies at your feet, whence do you wish to travel..?"

"To the enchanting woods of Astar..."

"To the legendary green city of Cymril..."

"To the rugged northern Durne..."

"To the eastern sands of Kasmir..."

"To the mysterious mesalands of Sindar..."

"To the southern jungles of Taz..."

"To western forest of Vardune..."

Official art showing the Council of Kings...

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