My "Magic: The Gathering" Conversion page...

Ok, personally, I loathe the game after having experienced first hand the kind of hatred it breeds. So I did this in an effort to turn this game into something positive...

Each color will represent a known Order of magic, all listings should be in alphabetcal order, all copyrights maintained by those who own them:

    BLUE : Aquamancy and/or Aeromancy...(or both)

    WHITE : Invocation

    GREEN : Natural Magic

    BLACK : Necromancy

    RED : Pyromancy and/or Geomancy...(or both)

    Colorless : Any Order

    Multicolored : Mixed Orders...

    And fianlly, Lands...

Spell Type: Mode translation:


Summoning: Summoning

Sorcery: Depends on effect

Instant: Depends on effect

Artifact: Conjuring/Summoning/or Enchantment(Note, any magic item could be considered an "artifact"...)

NOTE: In all cases, the caster MUST know the appropriate mode in order to cast the spell in question(like Summoning for creatures).

All spells determine their "level" by the amount of "Mana" required/used to cast the spell. In the case of variable mana, the caster chooses the "level" of the spell, taking the usual penalties for casting said spell. The Mana required also counts as the spell difficulty modifier.

NOTE: The base mana(Red/Green/etc..) shows the required Order for the spell. The number of base mana also shows the minimum required bonus in that Order(a 4 white mana and one colorless mana spell would require a minimum of Invocation and +4 in the appropriate Mode to cast).

Range limits are line-of-sight to target.

Area of effect depends on the spell(GM determines).

All "Enchantment"s last until they fail, are dispelled, or released by the caster.

All "Instant"s and most "Sorcery"s last only ONE round.

All damaging spells damage will be mutiplied by the spell's amount of base mana.

All summoned creatures have "0" stats(unless GM decides otherwise), doing damage equal to their Attack Value(which effectively equals CR) multiplied by the mana cost of the spell. Defensive Value counts as Protection Rating and is multiplied by the spell's mana cost for hit points. All creatures remain present until dispelled, destroyed, or dismissed by the caster(unless otherwise noted in their description).  In no case does a creature regenerate it's full hitpoints every round as in he original game, but requires the use of magic/special abilities to do so. The "Regenerate" ability restores all hit points when used to save a creature from death...

Any creature or spell summoned/used in Talislanta still has it's "normal" effect on anything from these pages(ie., anything from Magic the Gathering). These rules changes only apply when interactions occur between things from Talislanta and Magic the Gathering...