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Below I’ve a list of links to Kool places…

Please note, some of these links are ANCIENT, and may no longer be working.

Space Station Camelot (the old page)is located at Outpost

The now defunct page is Set HERE...

The BEST search engine I’ve found so far is: Start Page

My buddy’s (since about 1982) website was here: “The
Bradshaw Family”

Here’s the link to myMy Marvel Link!Page..!

Wanna be a spook? Try this->

Like japanese animation? The check out the
local fan club

Enjoy Star Trek? Then beam yourself up! –> 

Here’s a link to my Starfleet
Combat Simulator Page

How about a healthy dose of reality..? 

Behold, my Dungeons and Dragons

Ok, maybe a FUN dose of reality insted… 

Here’s my little “5th
” page…

For those about to QUAKE–> 

A small set of pages for my favorite MOVIES..!

While you’re in, say “Hi!” to Agents Scummy and

A VERY excellent ring devoted to the work of Frank Herbet…

In homage to the great videogame and film… 

A very cool way to kick yer martial arts–>> 

I also have another page of INTENSE
links as

And here’s the way BACK!


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